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Clear-Span Design for Large Equipment

When you need space to maneuver your machinery, choose a clear-span ShelterSolution. See how Tata Steel was able to utilize a Norseman ShelterSolution for efficient warehousing. 

Work in Natural Light & Save Electricity

Brighten your space and reduce electrical costs with a fabric covered building. The translucency of fabric creates an ideal work space for your team. Check out all your building options.

Customize Your Space to Fit Your Business

Have complex requirements for your building? The Norseman Structures team is here to help you explore your options and design a building fit for you and your business. Contact us to get the conversation started. 

The Next Step

Before you continue through the rest of the site, make sure you stop by these sections to help ensure you choose the building that best suits you and your business.


We deliver a wide variety of ShelterSolutions to customers in virtually every industry, anywhere in the world.

Before You Buy

Consider what is important to your building project. We have experience with simple to complex projects.

About Us

Norseman Structures has been in the protection and shelter business for close to 100 years.

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Have questions about your upcoming project? We're here to help. Call or email us any time. 


We are fiercely committed to being a reliable partner, employer and corporate citizen.