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Construction Completed in Weeks

When you need a building for your operations you can’t afford months of construction before you are operating efficiently. In just six weeks from ordering, Inland Steel had a new facility up and running at full capacity with a Norseman structure.

A Building Suited for Corrosive Materials

When handling dangerous and corrosive materials, you need peace of mind that your facility will stay safe and healthy. Norseman’s ShelterSolutions can withstand the storage of corrosive materials and provide healthy ventilation for your employees. 

Clear-Span Design for Maximum Storage

When you build a storage facility you want to utilize every square inch of it. Norseman buildings have clear-span design allowing you to maneuver through your space column-free. Let us design a building perfect for you and your business.

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We deliver a wide variety of ShelterSolutions to customers in virtually every industry, anywhere in the world.

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Norseman Structures has been in the protection and shelter business for close to 100 years.

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