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Multiple Building Deal Signed with De Beers Canada – Gahcho Kué Project

Multiple Building Deal Signed with De Beers Canada – Gahcho Kué Project

Posted: 11/2/2016

Norseman Structures is proud to announce a continued partnership with De Beers Canada Diamond Mine for the supply and construction of three buildings in 2017 for the Gahcho Kué site located in Northwest Territories (N.W.T), Canada.

The three new buildings include one 120’w x 238’l ACP-Series to store ammonia nitrate and two 30’w x 84’l T-Series, which will serve as covered loading docks for the project. Due to the corrosive properties of ammonia, the steel framework on the ACP-Series required a special application of zinc-rich paint and two coats of epoxy coating to ensure the longevity of the building.

Located 280 km north of Yellowknife, N.W.T., De Beers was looking for a building supplier that could meet tight manufacturing timelines and work with their logistics partner to ship the buildings to the remote mine site, using ice roads during the winter months. Norseman Structures will be working with De Beers to put together a project team to develop a plan that will allow the buildings to arrive at the Gahcho Kué site in the most efficient way possible.

De Beers was also looking for a building provider with the experience and capability to incorporate conveyor systems into the buildings’ design. “Given the scope of this project is similar to two other projects we are currently working on, we had the understanding of what De Beers required in the design of this building and are confident in our ability to deliver a final product meeting or exceeding their expectations,” said Building Consultant David Kelso.

This is not the first time De Beers has selected Norseman Structures as their building provider on the Gahcho Kué site. These new buildings are in addition to two others that were manufactured and assembled during site construction. The first maintenance shop, constructed in 2014, was built on shipping containers, which serve as both the foundation and a place to store tools. The second building was completed in summer 2016 and is currently used to store water trucks.

About De Beers Canada Gahcho Kué Project

The Gahcho Kué mine site officially opened in September 2016. De Beers Canada predicts that over the mine's expected 12-year life span, it will inject about $6.7 billion into the Canadian economy, with a significant portion of that landing in the Northwest Territories. The mine is estimated to become one of the 10 largest diamond mines in the world.

The company states it has already invested approximately $1 billion in developing the mine, with about $440 million going directly into the N.W.T. economy. Another $4 million has been paid to the six aboriginal groups that signed impact and benefits agreements.

De Beers Canada expects the Gahcho Kué mine will employ 530 workers during operation, some of whom will work at the site in two-week cycles. Commercial-level production is not expected until the first quarter of 2017. According to De Beers, an estimated 4.5 million carats will be mined annually, making it the largest mine — in terms of mined carats — likely to come into full operation in the next five years or more.