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New Product - 5' Integrated Eave for Livestock Buildings

Posted: 7/7/2014

Announcing the most innovative advancement in eave design in the fabric building industry - the 5’ Integrated Eave. Customers in the beef and dairy industries will find this new design very valuable because the 5' eave better protects feed bunkers from the elements.

For years, the standard in the industry has been a traditional bolt-on eave which could be time consuming to install. To help alleviate this challenge, our engineering and design team was determined to develop a better design.

The NEW 5’ Integrated Eave consists of a standard building truss with the eave frame pre-welded in place with these features:

  • The eave frame consists of a diagonal and a horizontal support tube.
  • The tubes are precision cut to fit the exact truss profile.
  • This precision cut means that the eave tubes will be welded precisely square to the truss, ensuring a full strength eave.
  • The eave cover and the building cover is one continuous piece - no wear points.
  • The eave has been designed with the QL-Series in mind but may be available for other models in the future.

5' Eaves 2.JPGThe building will arrive on-site with the eave already attached to the truss therefore the installation time will be greatly reduced. Once the building is erected, the horizontal eave tubes can be installed (made easy with our slip-fit design) and the building is ready for fabric cover installation. Fabric installation is also made easier because the eave will be true and free of any bolts or brackets that can create bulges and pressure points.

We are confident that we have a superior eave solution. The streamline profile and integrated eave design will significantly reduce installation times and get customers up and running sooner.