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Video Launched to Show Strength of Fabric Covers

Video Launched to Show Strength of Fabric Covers

Posted: 1/3/2013

How strong is the fabric that Norseman Structures uses on its buildings? To prove the extraordinary strength of our High Performance Fabric, we set up a demonstration of the fabric lifting a 6200lb2812.3 Kg truck. Watch video.

The demonstration uses a lifting platform constructed of square tubular steel as a framework for the 12' x 24' 3.7m x 7.3m fabric lifting panel. A total of 6 forklifts were used to lift the 6200lb2812.3 Kg crew cab pick-up truck that had been parked on the lifting platform. The truck was lifted off the ground by the forklifts that were connected to the steel framework.

The load was suspended in the air for two full minutes as photographs and video were taken to document the demonstration results.