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Product Images

Riding Arena | LL Seeds

Lumsden, SK, Canada
Riding Arena
1 - QC-Series - 30' wide x 48' long9.1m wide x 14.6m long

LL Seeds of Lumsden, SK, purchased a 30' wide x 48' long building from Norseman Structures to use as a riding arena. The owner of LL Seeds, Jim Latrace, chose a fabric building because he needed the option to relocate it in the future. Norseman Structures designed the building with 4' legs providing ample clearance.

The fabric color options were additional value to the owner. Mr. Latrace liked the easy self-installation of the building as well as the steel end-walls that provide more structure to the building. He also commented that the translucent fabric means he saves money on power bills because he doesn’t need to use lights during the daytime.

The translucent fabric will be an added benefit at this time because it allows natural light in for a riding environment that is bright, quiet and comfortable for both horse and rider.

While this building is currently being used as a barn and for feed storage, plans are to use it as a riding arena in the future.

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