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Building Profiles

To simplify the different building profiles available in the marketplace, there are typically two broad categories of building shapes:

  1. Arch 
  2. Peaked-Roof

While there may be variations of each, what should influence the shape of your building most are all the secret ingredients that are baked into YOUR project’s secret recipe.

What exactly do we mean by that? Well, your project may need a certain clearance to accommodate what’s going on inside. Or perhaps large sidewall entrances are the key driver to your operation.

Your knowledge and insight, along with our experience and will help determine the right profile for the job.

Arch Profiles

What’s so great about arch profile buildings? Well, they have a few things going for them like quick installation, flexible foundation options, integrated eaves (ideal for certain Ag applications), and lower pricing per square foot.

Our arch profiles hit the sweet spot in buildings that range from 18’ to 80’ in width.

See an example of an Arch profile project

Peaked-Roof Profiles

For those who are more accustomed to the traditional peaked-roof profile, we’ve got your back. And roof. And front. And sides.

The options are virtually endless, because of the ability to customize for high straight sidewalls (including door openings), easily clad your entire building in metal, or hang catwalks and conveyors.

Our peaked-roof profiles are available in both open-web and rigid frame options in building widths from 40’ to 300’.

See an example of a Peaked-Roof Profile Project

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