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Industrial Buildings | CNRL

Conklin, AB, Canada
Industry: Industrial
Application: Multiple
Buildings: 1 - F-Series - 100' wide x 288' long
1 - F-Series - 120' wide x 308' long
1 - F-Series - 130' wide x 396' long
3 - T-Series - 50' wide x 60' long
1 - Custom - 70' wide x 120' long

F-Series Buildings:

  • F-Series buildings were used to provide a suitable environment for poured concrete to cure. This was the first time this type of build was totally covered for the customer during completion in winter months in Northern Alberta.
  • The buildings were installed with only 20' access down the center of the structure (where pipe racks were to reside) and outside perimeter.
  • They were in use for approximately 6 months and have been dismantled and transported to the next phase of this project for re-installation.
  • 700,000 BTU IHS furnaces were used for heating.
  • Liners were installed to achieve minimal temporary heat retention.
  • Screw pile foundation.

T-Series Building:

  • The T-Series buildings will remain at the original site for warehousing.
  • Radiant tube heating.
  • Foil insulation package.
  • Concrete block foundation.

T-Series ‘Rail’ Building:

  • The T-Series ‘Rail’ building is being used for module fabrication.
  • Radiant tube heating.
  • Foil insulation package.
  • Screw pile foundation.

This project illustrates the ability for Norseman Structures buildings to be ‘reused’ with very little in the way of replacement materials (tek screws, damaged liners, termination strip and some anchors).


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